Sharp POS Software


Based on over 15 years of PC based expertise and know-how, Sharp POS Software is an easy to use and easy to administer front end application software package suitable for hospitality and retail environments of any size, from a single site to a large chain.

With a clean and intuitive Graphical User Interface, Sharp POS Software utilises an industry standard SQL database structure in order to manage quick and responsive data processing whilst providing accurate results every time.

The supplied Sharp POS Manager programme is easy to use and helps you stay in control of how you manage the configurations of your POS set-up, this is one of the reasons why Sharp POS Software is the front end application of choice for countless hospitality and retail outlets.

RZ-E313 / RZ-E315 / RZ-E316 SPOS Sharp POS


Software Features Hospitality

•   Secure Log on screen

•   Manager Control (voids/refunds) 

•   Time and Attendance 

•   Customisable Function Bar Icons for price levels 

•   Stock Count Down (specials) 

•   Table Plan/Table Control

•   Flexible ordering (Starter as a Main)

•   Free Text (Kitchen & Bar Messages) 

•   Seat Ordering 

•   Deposits

•   Customer Accounts

•   In built Loyalty 

•   Age Verification 

•   Easy PLU Edit 

•   Rename Tables (Garden, Terrace) 

•   Interval Drinks feature

•   Cashless module

Sharp POS Epos Software Hospitality Features

Tablet solution

Performance and flexibility

•  Portable and compact size allows for flexible deployment during busy periods 

•  Full Sharp POS functionality

•  High Definition touch screen 

•  Perfect for the fine dining market 

•  Offer quick table service 

•  Same software version as main POS helps minimize staff training

sharp pos tablet handheld


Full Table Management

The advanced table management features within Sharp POS software makes running any restaurant simpler and easier. 

•  Graphical: clear and customisable user interface 

•  Order By Seat feature 

•  Active Tables: for servers to open tables and book items 

•  Minimise order mistakes with the kitchen instruction/free text feature. 

•  Tablet Solution is perfect for a large and busy floor area.Management Systems.

Epos table management

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Easy to use epos features from Sharp POS

Sharp POS boasts many easy to use features - designed specifically to offer benefits to pub, bar and club operators. 

•  Fastbar screens for quick customer service 

•  Customisable screens • Comprehensive reporting facility for improved management 

•  Notice board feature for staff information 

•  Multiple price levels , ie. Happy Hour 

•  Flexible promotions - Mix & Match/BOGOF/Meal Deals

Sharp POS pubs bars clubs epos features
Sharp POS cloud reporting

Introducing SPOS Cloud

Cloud Reporting

SPOS Cloud is a cloud-based reporting solution that allows for anytime, anywhere access to real time sales information from Sharp POS® software.

Secure and quick data access - All sales data is held safe thanks to industry standard data security.

Analyse individual staff performance - Flexible database allows data to be filtered by all or individual staff member 

Full detailed reports - Multiple detailed configurable reports allows for thorough business analysis, with easy and concise data sorting 

Easy export of reports - Data can be exported in a variety of ways, or emailed for use with third party systems 

Try the demo:  https://reports.sposcloud.net/login 

Login details:

Name: demo@sposcloud.net

Password: demo