Since 1999 TouchPoint has been continuously developed to be the most intuitive EPoS system in the world. Today's TouchPoint has more features and flexibility than ever, giving you a till system that is invaluable to your business. 

  • Easy programming & product maintenance 
  • 100% reliable 
  • Green - low power consumption with in built power saving features 
  • Heavily customisable on look, layout and functionality 
  • Multi lingual, multi currency 
  • In built product promotions 
  • Graphical table management system with online table reservations 
  • Kitchen printing inc alternative text in the kitchen eg Chinese 
  • Time & attendance for employee time management 
  • Barcode scanning 
  • Caller ID customer identification 
  • Secure with a range of operator sign on options 
  • In built data and configuration backup 


Easy To Use

Customised button colours and images with graphical table plan provide intuitive keyboard layouts for easy navigation. The till is simple for staff to learn and operate.


Versatile & Customisable

The EPoS system is packed with a variety of features that fit your business. And if that isn’t enough, additional features can be created to your bespoke requirements.



TouchPoint ensures your business keeps trading even during unforeseen events. There is no reliance on the internet; if your broadband fails you can continue to make sales, float clerks, use and pay off tables, split a bill and print orders directly into the kitchen.

If the power fails, your data is safe and even the last transaction is stored securely. Bottom line – you can rely on TouchPoint.

icr touch point

touch office web

Business Management Software

Real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips. ICR Touch Offfice Web provides complete control over your business from anywhere. Stock, staff, pricing and programming; Touch Office Web gives you control over it all. 

TouchOffice Web gives you instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into attractive graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns.

Make live program changes across your entire estate. Adjust pricing, promotions and products online and your TouchPoint tills will update as soon as you save, or set to a schedule.

Know your stock levels, schedule and place orders and easily keep track of your ins & outs. Report on wastage and returns, and use stock variance to investigate missing stock.

Try the demo:  https://www.touchoffice.net/ 

 Use 'demo' for the username & password fields to access the demo. 

icr touch office web